Lumber & Sheet Goods

We stock kiln dried treated lumber and framing lumber. Our sheet goods include various plywoods, drywall, homosote, asphalt expansion joint and insulation board.

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Kiln Dried Treated Lumber (Kiln Dried after Treatment - KDAT)

We carry the best treated lumber you can buy. We stock #1 grade kiln dried treated lumber in 2x4 through 2x12 in lengths of 8 feet through 20 feet. We also stock premium grade 5/4 x 6 decking in lengths of 8 feet through 20 feet. The kiln drying process takes out the excess moisture making the lumber lighter to handle, more stable and consistent in size, and less likely to cup, warp, and crack. You can also stain/seal kiln dried lumber immediately - no need to wait for mother nature to dry it out.

We stock clear grade 1x6 and 1x8 kiln dried treated boards as well as kiln dried treated plywood in 1/2 inch and 3/4 inch.

Our treated posts are offered in 4x4 (#1 grade with rounded edges) in 8’, 10’, 12’ and 16’ lengths, 4x6’s (#2 grade) in 8’, 12’, and 16’ as well as 6x6’s (#2 grade) in 8’, 10’, 12’. 14’, 16’, and 20’. None of the posts are kiln dried. 8x8’s and long length 6x6’s are available via special order.

Framing Lumber

We stock premium grade kiln dried framing lumber in 2x4 through 2x12, 8 feet through 24 feet. Premium grade ensures you have 4 good edges and a smaller knot structure and kiln dried offers stability and strength with minimal shrinkage The species can vary, but typically it is spruce, doug fir or hem-fir.

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Sheet Goods


We carry sheathing grade plywood in various thicknesses used in construction of walls, floors, and roofing. OSB (oriented strand board) is a pressed board made out of wood chips. It comes in various thicknesses and densities depending on your application. We also stock the popular Zip system for walls and roofing. Our treated plywood is kiln dried in 1/2'“ and 3/4” thicknesses. Good one side plywood is in stock in 3/8”, 1/2”, 5/8”, and 3/4” thicknesses. We can cut plywood to your specs on our panel saw.


Our rigid board insulation by Atlas Energy Shield is a high efficient polyisocyanurate foam board with a class I fire rated core and coated with a reflective foil on one side and a non-reflective red acrylic on the other side. We stock this in 1/2” through 2” in 4x8 sheets. We also stock Owens Corning rigid foam polystyrene in 1” and 2” in 2x8 sheets. We also carry JohnsManville fiberglass insulation as well as loose vermiculite insulation for filling block walls or attics.


We carry regular drywall in 1/2x4x8, 1/2x4x12, and 3/8x4x8 sheets as well as moisture resistant drywall in 1/2x4x8 and fire code drywall in 5/8x4x8.

Misc sheet goods

Cedar closet liner in 1/4”x4x8 sheets, wall tough for bathrooms and kitchens in 1/8”x4x8 sheets, peg board, homex, fibered asphalt in 4x10 sheets, MDF, tempered hardboard, and reversible paneling (primed one side for painting and clear on opposite side for staining). Call us if you have any questions about items in-stock.