We stock:

  • 1x12 rough sawn cedar boards

  • 1x6 T&G cedar

  • 4x4 cedar posts

  • cedar bevel siding in 1/2x6, 1/2x8, and 3/4x10 as well as primed

  • cedar shakes

    *Our supplier delivers 2x per week so we can get special order cedar within a few days*

RS cedar.JPG


Pictured above are our 1x12 rough sawn cedar boards. We sell by the lineal foot, so we can accommodate any length you need in 2 foot increments starting at 2 feet through 16 feet.

primed cedar.JPG

Primed Cedar Siding

Pictured is our 1/2x6 primed cedar siding in stock.


1x6 T&G Cedar

We stock T&G cedar in 1x6. We can also order in wider widths -special orders are no problem as our supplier delivers twice per week.